Carlton Property Improvements

Website gallery development, website updates, page load speed and security improvements for a family run property services company


I was approached by Carlton Property Improvements to create an examples of work gallery of before and after photos that show recent projects they have completed. They also required some updates to their website to update the services they provide. After a short consultation I was also asked to improve the security and page load speed of the site.

Carlton Property Improvements website gallery development, website updates and improvements

Examples of Work Gallery

The creation of the gallery was straight forward as the website is built using Wordpress. I then combined the before and after photos into one and added a before and after label on each before optimising them. The final step for the gallery was to upload the photos and order them by project, the most recent work first.

Carlton Property Improvements - Examples of our work

Website Updates

The website updates involved updating the list of services in various places on the website and replacing the Landlord Services menu item with the newly created Examples of Our Work gallery. I also added a most recent work photo on the home page to replace some out of date text.

Website Security Improvements

After testing the websites security I discovered that several HTTP Headers could be added to improve security. The easiest way to do this is by using a Wordpress plugin rather than editing the htaccess file, so this is what I did to add headers for X-Frame-Options, X-XSS-Protection, X-Content-Type-Options, Strict-Transport-Security, Referrer-Policy, Content-Security-Policy and Cookie security. I also used the plugin to remove the X-Powered-By header.

Page Load Speed Improvements

The page load speed was 66% before optimisation and after adding conmpression and caching the load speed improved to 88%. As with the website security improvements, I used a Wordpress plugin to add the settings.

View the examples of work gallery: