Park Leisure Purl

Web development for a luxury holiday home company


Park Leisure own and operate 10 holiday home parks throughout the UK. They wanted to promote their rewards program with an email campaign sent to existing holiday home owners, who would then recommend a Park Leisure holiday home to someone they know. The recipients of the recommendations would then receive an email with a link to a personalised URL (Purl) microsite, inviting them to book a tour. Park Leisure supplied the web design, from which as part of a team, I then helped develop the Purl microsite.

Park Leisure Purl web development

Final Result

Zurb Foundation 5 responsive framework was used to provide responsive functionality, ASP.Net C# for the backend development, MS SQL Server for the database and some JQuery to provide micro interactions. I also optimised the images, especially the background images as they were large photographs featuring some of the holiday parks.

Home page
Park Leisure Purl home page
Discover Our Parks page
Park Leisure Purl discover page
Rewards page
Park Leisure Purl rewards page
Booking page
Park Leisure Purl booking page

The Park Leisure reward campaign has now ended and the Purl microsite is no longer available online.