New Season Approaches

September 2023

Photo of a corner being taken A week to go before the new season starts and we have just about got enough players. There are still a couple of girls who haven't decided if they are coming back, so hopefully they will. Unfortunately Bradford City Girls fixtures clash with most of ours, so the dual registered girls can't play for us. The teams are registered in two leagues, the Harrogate & Craven Junior U16 Girls Football League, which is now only one division, and the West Riding Girls Football League, in Division 4. We decided to switch our initial plans to have the new team playing in the Harrogate & Craven Girls League and the established team continuing in the West Riding U16 Girls League Division 1. The established team will now play in the Harrogate & Craven Girls League and girls from the new team will move into that team when we need to make up numbers and the new team will play in the West Riding Girls League Division 4 and some of the established team players will drop into the new team when needed, especially the goalkeepers.

We have our first league game in the Harrogate & Craven League on Saturday 9th September at home to Kirk Deighton Rangers and the first West Riding League game the following weekend, so we are trying to arrange a friendly for Sunday 10th September. I think it's safe to say we are all really looking forward to the new season.